Saturday, August 27, 2016

What Can You Do to Make Your Life Better in Rochester NY?

What Can You Do to Make Your Life Better in Rochester NY?

With all of the concerns about the economy, many people are fearful about the unknown and their ability to stay out of debt. Many are already owing money and are concerned about going into bankruptcy.

You know that your income remains the same. If you do happen to get a raise in pay it will probably be less than 3% which will never even come close to matching the increases in everything.

You’ve heard that there is income to be made on the Internet but aren't sure how to do it and are fearful to venture to far. Or maybe you have been trying but haven’t been very successful like 
Tony Cox Rochester NY.

You have heard many versions of the good, the bad and the ugly about attempting to make a living online. Are you aware that 95% of all small businesses offline will be out of business in just 10 short years.

The number of people that fail online is similar to the same number offline. But the vast majority of people that spend some time on there, then find it difficult so they just stop doing it and then tell people that it is impossible to make money online.

So what chance do you think you have to make an Internet business succeed in just a few short months or even longer. The issues with most web businesses is that the owners don’t know how to do what is necessary to succeed like Tony Cox.

Even if you are an expert computer programmer or an expert at computers, you do not have enough information to succeed. There are too many things that you don’t know to be successful. Like;

• First is where do you begin?
• Are you an accountant?
• Are you good at marketing?
• Are you an expert at advertising?
• Are you very good at getting traffic?
• Do you know what to sell?
• Do you know how to find out what they desire?
• etc.!

The amount of things that you don’t know about exceeds the number of things you do know by a factor of 100. To complicate these issues, many of the people providing you with information are giving old fashion and out of date information. These "experts" are just rehash junk and wonder why they cannot get people coming back to buy the next product. Information and the ability to do certain techniques change so rapidly online that it is difficult to keep up to date.

The purpose of this article is to increase awareness of these issues so that I can help end your confusion. What I have done is to use my knowledge to find businesses that are turn-key. Turn-key means that it is set up, ready to go and all that is required is put some money down, put the key in, turn it and you are ready to go.

With the next few postings I will add articles providing you with information about various sites and businesses that are very simple businesses. You will find that they are easy to start but will require work to become successful. All of the businesses will give you all the tools required to make it a success.

The first business I will tell you about next time is a very small investment and will provide you a part time income of $1,000 to $2,000 per month. These businesses are all dependent on the effort you put into it to become a success.

So be patient and the answers will come in the form of new articles or you can go to my web site in the author’s box and some additional information will be provided.